Taking care of your things leads to taking good care of yourself

Taking care of your things leads to taking good care of yourself

Taking care of your things leads to taking good care of yourself


“I cannot thank Emily enough for being so supportive and non-judgmental. It was a great experience and I feel lighter, calmer and happier in my home.”

- Nicole

“Emily not only helped me declutter and reorganize our home but she also gave me the strategies to maintain the organization over time. When we came back from our recent travels it was so easy to put everything away because I knew exactly where it was supposed to go. Our cleaning crew came to our house shortly after decluttering and I could overhear them say “wow, it’s so organized and clean in here.” I could not recommend Emily more!”

- Larissa

“Emily was a thoughtful and sensitive guide through what can be at times an emotional experience of letting go. The feeling of having a clutter-free home is one of peace.”

- Barb

“I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible home organization service provided by Emily! With three young kids, tackling the mountain of laundry in our household, amongst the general clutter of toys and chaos, we were feeling stressed and weighed down as a family.

Thanks to Emily, we now have a more structured and efficient approach to every corner of our home and we, as well as our kids, know exactly where everything belongs.

Emily’s attention to detail, practical solutions, and genuine commitment to making our lives easier has allowed us to enjoy our home again.”

- Madeleine

“Emily’s approach to organizing allowed us to take stock of the items in our home to determine what is important and what is just clutter! Not only did she help organize our spaces, but she also gave me the strategies and tools to feel empowered to keep the organizing going on a regular basis.” 

- Diane

“I am feeling so happy with my new kitchen re-org! With the rapid change brought on by the arrival of our twins, I needed some help re-thinking and organizing how we use our kitchen and eating space. Emily helped me to swiftly edit, categorize, clean and finally logically replace my kitchen. It now fits with our family needs and I am not losing precious time and mental space sorting through cluttered, stuffed drawers. I know what I need, where to get it and how to keep it that way!”

- Gill

Transformation Photos

These photos are shared with permission from clients. The important thing to remember when organizing is that perfection is not the goal, growth is. Establishing habits and systems that allow you to spend less time tidying or overwhelmed by clutter, and more time living.

  • Comparison photo of basement before and after being organized


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